Refund and Returns Policy

  1. According the Belgian law concerning the business practices, the client has the right to return the bought product within 14 days after delivery of the purchased product.
    According art. 80, §4, 2° LBC the client has no right of return if the object of the purchase is a product specially offered or manufactured for the client according his own specifications or has an personal character. The following list is a non-exhaustive summary: tailor made jewelry, loose diamonds with altered specifications on specific request of the client, gemstones, products listed on the website that have been altered in any possible way on request of the client, etc…
    The client can also always purchase a jewel in our shop Carat Fine Jewellery based in Schuttershofstraat 3, Antwerp 2000 Belgium. Obviously, the return policy of 14 days after delivery does not apply here, since the customer was able to evaluate the diamond jewel before payment, purchase and reception.
  2. For returns the client is obliged to return the delivered product in her original state.
    The client can not return the product(s) when the packaging are no longer in their original state, are incomplete, are damaged or have been used.
    The documentation, the diamond certificates, the guarantee notes and the packaging, which were part of the delivery, have to be returned.
    Before returning the purchase the client has to inform a representative of Carat Fine jewelry by mail on
    After the client informed a representative of Carat Antwerp that he wants to exercise his right of return, the product has to arrive in Carat Antwerp BV, Schuttershofstraat 3, 2000 Antwerp Belgium, within fourteen (14) days after the last day of the return policy of 14 days is reached.
  3. For the return shipping:
    The product, has to be reshipped to CARAT Antwerp seated at Schuttershofstraat 3, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium were a representative of Carat Antwerp BV will receive it. A reshipment to another address than the official address will not be accepted. Under no circumstances Carat Antwerp BV will be responsible for the (arrangement of the) return, neither intervene in the arrangement of the insurance coverage for any returns.
    Costs and Insurance of reshipment and costs resulting from incorrect application of the customs procedures related to the re-importation (from outside the European Union) of the purchased jewel will always be borne by the client.
    Carat Antwerp BV will never be liable for damages -theft and lost included- of the reshipped product/packaging.
  4. Control of reshipped jewels after return.
    As soon as the object of return is received at Carat Antwerp BV it will be submitted to a quality control by on of the inspectors of Carat Antwerp BV in order to control if the condition of the reshipped product and packaging meets the requirements to be object of the right of Carat Antwerp BV will notify reception of the reshipment to the client by email.
  5. Reimbursement of the price
    The purchase price paid by the client will be transfered by Carat Antwerp BV 14 working days after a satisfactory quality control of the reshipped parcel. The payment will be done by transfer on the bank account mentioned by the client for this purpose always Exclusive shippingcost.
    If you may bought an item wich was FREE of charge shipping you will still be charged that shipping fee whenever returning an item.
    When the reshipped/returned product/jewel and packaging does not meet the renouncement requirements, no reimbursement will be done. In this case the reshipped products remain the property of the client and the client is obliged to collect the product within two weeks after the day that Carat Antwerp BV her refusal to accept to take the product back. On his request the product can be reshipped to the client after payment of all reshipment costs and charges (including – if any – costs resulting from incorrect application of the customs procedures related to the re-importation of the purchased jewel from outside the European Union).
    In order to avoid abuses: in the case the client, who has been reimbursed after returning a previous purchase, wishes to return a second purchase, an administrative cost (5% of the purchase value) will be charged.